Aragon Ballroom - Chicago

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Aragon Ballroom

If you've been to a concert in Chicago there is a good chance you saw it here, at the Aragon Ballroom. That is if you didn't see it at the Riv, which is about a half a block away. The ballroom was build in 1926 and hosted all the great big bands of the era. It was a ballroom in the traditional sense and many a fleet foot has danced on the floor of the Aragon Ballroom. It was re-branded, briefly, as the Cheetah discotheque in the 70's before returning to it's former name.

The secret tunnels from Al Capone's Green Mill are said to lead to the basement of the ballroom. More recently the ballroom had a supporting role in Batman v Superman where it was dressed up like a movie theater. The sign was restored for the film but my photos were taken before that. I'm happy with my timing however as I prefer the aged patina. This photo is great for anyone who has attended a concert at the Aragon, regardless of decade, who enjoys vintage signs or architecture or who likes photos of things with names that remind them of Lord of the Rings Characters.

I have three photos the sign in this listing that are from slightly different angles. The black and white version is also cropped a little differently.

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