About the Artitsts

I started to get passionate about photography back in 2007 when I was living in Azerbaijan as a Peace Corps volunteer. Having the ability to share the unique place I was living in with her friends and family back home inspired me to take my photography in a more artistic direction. I wanted not only to show the beauty of the place I was living, but also my perspective on what made it unique and special.

I want to share the big and small aspects of how I see the world with others. I want my photography to inspire emotional connections. It's my hope that my photography will make someone smile, remember a loved one, want to travel, or wonder about and create a story within the frame.

Although much of my photography stems from my travels, I continue to be inspired by the world that is immediately around me.

In 2014, my brother joined my store. His art, much like mine, focuses on the world around him that might be easily overlooked in the everyday hustle and bustle.