Above the Clouds - Azerbaijan

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Above the Clouds - Azerbaijan, Fine Art Print - Enzwell Artworks

Above the Clouds

Mountains are awe inspiring things. Though not a climber I have hiked one or two. During a hike you can become focused on the trail - watching your footing and trying to keep up with your hiking partner. At times you might wonder if the toil is worth it and then you reach your destination and turn around and a view like this greets you. I think that's a pretty great metaphor for moments in my life as well.

This is the Caucasus Mountains in Azerbaijan. This particular spot is located near Shaki, (or Sheki) Azerbaijan in a place called Marxal. The beautiful hike winds above the tree line and affords a view of seemingly endless mountains. On this day the clouds were hanging lower that top of the mountain and we were, quite literally, above the clouds. Shaki was once a destination on the Silk Road, and the city still produces silk products.

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