Vintage Locomotive Pillow Cover

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Vintage Locomotive Pillow Cover

I'm sure at one point I wanted to be an engineer. So many children do. I was introduced to steam trains either from watching westerns with my dad or the drawn out goodbyes at train stations in movies from the golden age of Hollywood. Even the much more recent Harry Potter travels to Hogwarts aboard a steam train. This one never ran on magic but it still stands proud but weathered.

1518 is a steam engine that once belonged to the Illinois Central Railroad. The locomotive is a 2-8-2 commonly referred to as a Mikado or simply Mike. This one now resides in Paducah Kentucky but once road the rails carrying freight wherever it was needed. Since my visit it has been repainted and glistens with former instead of faded glory. I have several more pictures of this locomotive and others available, please check them out as well.

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